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Our Breads

All of our breads use a sourdough starter as a natural, wild yeast. We never use commercial yeast, preservatives or other additives commonly found in large factory produced breads sold in supermarkets. We use simple ingredients, organic flours and add whole grains to many of our breads for both flavor and added nutrition. A long, slow fermentation of the doughs result in enhanced flavor and the healthy benefits derived from sourdough. Enjoy!


Country Sourdough

Our most popular sourdough loaf, we blend organic bread flour and whole wheat flour with wheat germ, a major nutritional component of whole grain wheat. With just four simple ingredients it’s the go to sourdough for sandwiches and pairs well with a variety of foods.


Rosemary Olive-Oil Sourdough

With a similar base dough as our Country, we add fresh chopped rosemary and olive-oil, a classic pairing. A delicious bread that pairs well for a variety of sandwiches, toasts and snack plates.


Sourdough Baguette

Our sourdough baguette is another best seller. Containing just organic bread flour, sea salt and filtered water, a long fermentation develops a rich sourdough flavor and chewy crust. Perfect for snack plates or munching on while walking around the farmer’s market.


Multi-Grain Sourdough

Our heartiest sourdough, we blend organic bread flour and whole wheat flours with organic flax seeds, sunflower seeds, toasted sesame seeds, and rolled oats. Fantastic for toasts and sandwiches.


Rustic Sourdough

Blending organic bread flour with whole wheat flour and wheat bran, a major nutritional component of whole grain wheat, gives this delicious bread a slightly darker crumb than our Country.


Sourdough Whole Wheat

Blending organic bread flour and whole wheat flour with added wheat bran results in a darker crumb than the Rustic. Adding honey to the dough caramelizes in the crust giving this whole wheat a hearty unique flavor.

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